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how to submit: commentary

Include in the email description the name of each piece, the category, along with the name, school, and graduating year of the artist. 

title the file: [piece name]_[writer name]_[category]

Acceptable Topics

We will entertain the work of almost any topic, as long as it has a correlation to art, literature, or pop culture. Commentary or analysis of movies, novels, historical events related to the arts, etc., are preferred, but that being said, you could blow us away with anything (such as a conspiracy article about the Grammys) as long as it is not vulgar or overtly political. 


The work must be a minimum of 500 words, and a maximum of 1500 words. 

If there is an additional piece of artwork or media related to your piece, include it in the email under the file name: [Attached Media Name]_[Writer Name]_[Category].

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